Miffy - the new Petil-Lu webmaster

Hi everyone. My name is Miffy, and I am the new webmaster for the Petil-Lu web site. Humans say us Ragdolls are an intelligent breed, but I don't think thay realise just how clever we are. I bet when Patsy & Edward introduced me to my new family they never thought I would be doing their web site for them... and I'm not even 1 year old yet!

I live with my new family in Norwich, Mum, Dad, and my big sister Francesca. We get on really well though Dad does seem to think the computer chair is his, so I have to put him in his place sometimes.

Although Patsy & Edward always make sure we go to loving families I think it's a little sad that we lose touch with each other, so here's what I would like you all to do. E-mail me photos of yourselves or leave messages in the guestbook so we can all keep in touch. I realise some of you may not be as computer-literate as I am, so you may have to get your new Mum's & Dad's to help.

If you have any problems with the site, or would like to make any suggestions, just e-mail me.

My address is miffy@petil-lu.com

Please note: The link above is not Patsy's e-mail address - if you need to contact Patsy & Edward, click here)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.