Walking the Cat.........

MiffyUs Ragdolls have been described as "a dog in a cat's body". I'm not too sure that I like being compared to some old pooch, but I can see what they mean. We are very loyal and loving, and I for one like nothing better than a game of "fetch". Most of us adore a good tummy rub - I just can't understand what other cats have got against it.

Patsy was telling me the other day about a nice lady called Julie who takes her Ragdolls for a walk on a lead. Julie bought her first Ragdoll from Patsy about five and a half years ago. This cat was given the name Purdee. Some three years later she came back for Simba, her second Ragdoll.

Julie likes taking her Ragdolls for a walk around the village where she lives. She is able to do this because she has trained them to go on a lead. It would appear that Purdee will stand by the desk where her lead is kept when she wants to go for a walk. Now that she has acquired Kaai, Julie is in the process of training Ragdoll number three to "Go Walkies" on a lead.

So there you have it... loyal, affectionate, playful, and we'll even go walkies if you want. But unlike a dog, you don't have to take us out in the pouring rain, we don't bark, and we would never dream of sticking our nose in the vicar's lap when he comes round to tea.

Come to think of it, we are an altogether superior species really.

Petil-Lu webmaster