Lulu's Legacy (or "How on earth did we get ourselves into this?")

During the year 1994 we came down three times to view the cattery known as Petil-Lu. Whilst walking around the cattery we saw the Ragdolls but presumed they would be gone if we bought the place

Having bought the cattery we moved down on 14th December 1994 plus 12 of our 15 moggy cats, next morning my husband, Edward, went back to our old home in Solihull to wait and collect our 3 remaining naughty moggies. I myself went around to check all the boarders and noticed something moving in one of the top cabins, went up to see and guess what - cats! As these were not on my list, I contacted the people who sold us the cattery only to be told "You bought the cattery, bungalow and with it comes the last of the Petil-Lu Ragdolls".

What a complete surprise, but when Edward arrived home later that evening with the naughty moggies, I said "Guess what, we have inherited some Ragdolls". These cats were in family groups, so I had to separate the boys from the girls and make them all very comfortable, changed their diets, groomed them and lo and behold some weeks later ...beautiful cats!

We decided to have a go at breeding since we had all their papers and our first litter was born in April 1995. My Petil-Lu Ragdolls usually have one litter per year and of course I then got the Ragdoll bug. To widen the gene pool I have since bought in Ragdoll queens, although only using Petil-Lu boys.

Since we have the oldest line of Ragdolls, I decided I would like to have some of the newest colours and patterns, so we have flame, tortie and tabbies (boys and girls). So at Petil-Lu we now have the old and new.

We can only thank Lulu Rowley for our precious Petil-Lu Ragdolls.

Lulu Rowley of Petil-Lu Cattery introduced these lovely cats into this country in 1981 and even appeared on television with them. Lulu continued to breed and send kittens all over the world.
We bought the cattery after Lulu died and we breed Ragdolls as a happy hobby.