About our cattery and the Petil-Lu Ragdolls

We own the Petil-Lu Cattery – which is a Boarding Cattery in Norfolk for folk who go on holiday. It has been registered as a Cattery for over 30 years, and of course, breeding Ragdolls started here in 1981 by Lulu Rowley who was the lady that first brought the lovely Ragdolls to the United Kingdom. As a family we feel very privileged to have inherited Lulu’s Ragdolls – and I can ensure you that they are all truly loved by the Gallagher family.

I like to breed my Ragdoll queens only once a year – although some queens only have kittens every 18 months. I also find the queens do have a preference to one special boy. We have a rare example of the old mitted pattern in a Petil-Lu boy who is blue mitted with a fine blaze down his nose and the classic tip to the tail – this I believe is what early Ragdoll breeders in America were aiming for; so now and again we get a kitten with both blaze and tip to tail. I also feel that we must have some of the last remaining breeding pairs of Ragdolls bearing the prefix “Petil-Lu”.

We have now added to our Ragdoll family several new boys – Rimminielace Mr Dibble and Toskhana Fred Astaire, this makes my breeding programme much more interesting. I have gone quite seriously into the new colours, ie: Flame series, Tabby series and Tortie series – these I believe will improve when introduced to the old lines of Petil-Lu. We have at the moment a little of Tabbies in all three patterns and also in seal and blue colours. Their eye colour is superb and one can see how much the type, coat and eye colour improves with having one parent being Petil-Lu. I have also used Petil-Lu boys on my flame and tortie girls. One of my flame girls gave us a very special 1st edition – in so far as the kitten is a flame tabby colourpoint – very exciting, she also had a flame colourpoint boy, a seal tortie mitted girl and a blue colourpoint girl.

The Ragdolls here at Petil-Lu are much loved and therefore when they leave us the homes they go to must be “right”, over the years we have received many photos and letters from happy owners and their Petil-Lu Ragdolls

I would very much like to see the Ragdolls become as they were – “Big Cats” and we are slowly getting there. We have a two year old boy, name of Samson, weighing in at 25lbs. – he is wonderful.

I suppose if one quotes main queens they would have to be my Petil-Lu ladies – but we also have Rimminielace and Dreamcats girls plus, in the new colours, Toskhana ladies and, of course, “my” girls that I have bred for myself, all of which carry the Petil-Lu blood line in the prefix of Ragalley.

Chocolate & Lilac - we have them too

Once again this year we have had our usual Pastel Coloured kittens appearing in our litters, these always come from two of the old Petil-Lu lines. One of the studs is Blossom-time Bananas and I have found among the papers left here by Lulu Rowley, his registration form from America - it states Bananas colour is (Frost) lilac.

I have heard it said that the old lines do not carry Lilac and Chocolate, but we have some of the oldest Blossom-time/Petil-Lu pedigrees here and for the past nine years these delightful colours have appeared.

I kept two kittens back last year, a Chocolate Tabby Mitted boy, "Hurry Harry" and a Chocolate Mitted girl, "Chocolate Icing", just to see if the colours darkened, but no, they are still as pale at they have always been. I sincerely believe that folk out there with similar lines to mine must have bred these delicate colours.

A lady phoned me last year and talked about her colours in one litter - we decided that they were Lilac, so it’s just a question of getting the right combination.

One of the benefits of breeding the gentle colours is that they look like the old Authentic Ragdolls. I enjoy seeing the Chocolate and Lilac kittens and hope to keep on having them.

All my kittens go to new homes with vaccinations against feline enteritis and flu, plus registration and six weeks insurance.